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Book Release: Gordon B. White is Creating Haunting Weird Horror(s)

Cover art for Gordon B. White is creating haunting weird horror(s)

Today is the release day for Gordon B. White's new horror collection entitled Gordon B. White is Creating Haunting Weird Horror(s) .

I was lucky enough to be one of the ARC readers for this aptly named haunting, weird collection and can tell you already that it's not going to be one you want to miss. It features sad tales, scary tales, and most importantly, weird tales. It's a great showcase of Gordon B. White's talent and range.

It also happens to feature one of my top favorite stories of the year. While that's not an official ranking I do, it's still a high honor as far as I'm concerned, just because of the amount of short stories I read every year. If you're a fan of body horror, eco horror, or just very strange speculative stories in general, I know that you'll love "Dandelion Six" as much as I did.

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