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Crowdfunding: Make Whole

a blonde woman stares into the camera, with a red light shining on her
Image courtesy of Jamie Brandel

'A dark and twisty tale, Make Whole takes aim at our culture's paradoxical expectations of women by excavating one woman's so-called "dark side" - and the patriarchal powers that be determined to keep her there. Our story starts when Max gets knocked off her feet (literally) during her very routine way home from work, prompting her to take a little detour to the Playpen. And once you're in the Playpen's grasp, it holds on for dear life...

Max feels awakened in the Playpen when she meets the mysterious and mercurial dancer Deirdre. The two are enamored by the ways in which they can feel so opposite from one another and yet, so familiar. Their romance begins to crack open both of their facades, but their love poses a destabilizing threat to the Playpen's omnipotent Keeper and the power he wields. As the Playpen’s secrets are uncovered, Deirdre isn’t sure she can find a way out…

Our team of women and nonbinary creatives hope to illuminate the dark underbelly of our society through a haunting queer love story. By backing our short, you're helping to diversify Horror and platform underrepresented voices.'

- Jamie Brandel


Jamie reached out to me through Twitter about Make Whole, and I was so excited to be able to offer a post here on The Scoop, because we have the BEST READERS EVER and I know you'd fully support the idea of a woman & nonbinary creative team working on a horror short!! If you're able to back the project financially, awesome, if not, please share the link and help spread the word!💕

Find them at:

IG: @makewholefilm or @jamiebrand

Twitter: @jamiethebrand

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