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Deep - Aquino Loayza

Imagine that Georgie and his little yellow raincoat continued to age, melded with a malicious force, and randomly appears as an instigator of horrible things. If that's not enough, throw in a cult, mysterious, unnatural deaths, and loveable misfits banding together to save humanity (including a sweet pup named Mango - what's not to love about that?!).

Gio has always been obsessed with Juneberg, a small town in Maine where the standard rules governing reality and society don't seem to apply. For it's entire recorded history, there are unsolved deaths and disappearances, including police officers who are known to be investigating the local church. Causes of death are incredibly suspicious but swept under the rug. Pastors seem to cycle through, with no record of where they came from or where they went once a new one shows up to replace them.

What starts out as a trip to reunite with Gio's ex Adam, for the euthanizing of their poor pup Mango, turns into the culmination of his life's research. As their ragtag group grows larger, they never could have anticipated the true extent of the evil that's been biding its time. Things escalate so quickly, and Aquino does a brilliant job of blending storyline and character development with frantic, thrilling action.

The pacing is perfect: a slower introduction to make sure you're acquainted with the major players, just enough back story to build a foundation, and such a large bite of strange circumstances that you're immediately scrambling to try and fit pieces into the puzzle. You definitely won't see the bigger picture that's coming, though!

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