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Mr. Dark and Scary - R.K. Latch

I had no idea what to expect when I was looking at the cover for this story (which is gorgeous and incredibly eerie), but my goodness, does it make sense by the end. The tone of the book is set right from the very beginning: grim, bloody, and full of human depravity and cowardice. To anyone especially sensitive to domestic violence, buckle up, but also... this is a fantastic story of revenge. It's absolutely worth sticking around for - and I say that as someone who is sensitive to things of that nature.

R.K. does a great job of capturing that small town dynamic and corruption. Everyone knows everyone, and while it seems nearly impossible to keep secrets, there are always going to be skeletons in the closets (especially closets in Winchester County).

It's never a good sign when gruesome murders start happening in sleepy little towns, but they're made even more complicated by the fact that all the victims are known to be abusive, violent people. We get a look at their behavior just before this strange vigilante shows up to dispense justice in the most satisfying ways, and we understand why the true victims in each home claim to have no knowledge of what occurred. While his terrifying methods are of course frowned upon by the law, this vigilante sets each wife and/or child free from the prison they've been living in.

With a mysterious second story weaving its way into the primary tale, there's a plot twist I didn't anticipate at ALL, that turns everything on its head. I read this baby in one sitting, and definitely recommend you check it out!!

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