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Open Submissions: Deathcap and Hemlock

Deathcap and Hemlock: Pride Month Special

We’re looking for recipes with representation, or which touch on themes that would be appropriate.

Submission Window:

We will be open March 15-31, 2023.


The sweet spot is about 200-400 words. If a piece is over 500, make sure the length is motivated.


Pay is $10 USD per recipe, flat, via paypal.



Recipes that hint at a deeper narrative without violating the recipe structure will catch our eye. We are looking for short pieces, formatted like actual recipes (ingredients list, steps, measurements (metric, imperial; weight or volume—you decide!)). A short introductory paragraph to the recipe is okay, but optional.

Themes that are likely to mean you have a lot of competition in the slush include: revenge poisonings, transformation magic (eat something and it turns you into x), unwitting cannibalism.


We are not looking for stories about food or prose descriptions of how to make something. We are also not looking for anything that threatens actual people or real recipes for a poison that could be followed by readers. This is not a how-to site: we want speculative elements, we want recipes that ignite imagination (not felonies). Think outside the box of cereal killers.


SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS: [YES/NO] Please let me know if your story is no longer available so I can congratulate you!

MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS: [YES/NO] *Please limit subs to no more than two recipes per submission.


Our June recipes will be themed for Pride month. We’re looking for recipes with representation, or which touch on themes that would be appropriate. If you are an LGBTQ+ author and would like to submit a recipe for our June Special Menu, the subject line of your email should read “RECIPE SUBMISSION - [your name] - Pride” during the March submissions period.


Email your recipe in the usual formatting (loosely, Shunn, but we do not need your address).


  • Send it to deathcapandhemlock[at] as an attachment .

  • Subject line should read: “RECIPE SUBMISSION - [your name]"

  • You should receive a receipt confirmation and all submissions will receive a response (acceptance/rejection).


We purchase worldwide first-rights for one month and a non-exclusive license to publish thenceforth.

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