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🎶 Sometimes it Feels Like ... a Bird is Watching Meeeee 🎶

The WHITE IBIS cover features a large white bird with a black face and long beak, and a beautiful sunset/cloudy sky behind it with a skull worked in
Image courtesy of Tali

"White Ibis” By Wendy Dalyrymple

State: Florida


What are your obsessions?

Mine are books, diamond paintings and 80s horror movies. When obsessions turn to people, things can go awry. ‘White Ibis” is about how obsession can go terribly wrong.

In this story we meet Chelsea, a terrible human. She is vain, greedy, and self-centered. Chelsea is sick of her boyfriend because he doesn’t want to do anything fun. He plays his video games and eats unhealthy snacks. Chelsea struggles with the decision of ending the relationship because she will miss the beautiful condo. At yoga, she meets a new friend, Damaris, who quickly becomes her newest infatuation. As their friendship develops, Chelsea feels she is being followed by a white bird. Birds are great and all but being followed by one is a bit creepy lol.

These unlikable characters start to lose control, and the author makes the reader feel just as lost and confused as the person experiencing these stressful events. Very unsettling, and this (for my own reading experience) was the core moment of the story.

The horror in this story is very subtle. “White Ibis” lays the groundwork with a creepy build up and satisfying ending. If you are looking for a different type of story, I recommend this quick read.

Side note: One thing I enjoy about Wendy’s books is how well she captures Florida. From the fashion to the environment, the reader always feels like they are walking down the streets in Tampa. She writes about Florida Gothic horror. They are worth checking out.

Here is a list of some of her books:

“They Come From The Water”

“It Doesn’t Go Away”

“Don’t Read This or You Might Die”


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