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Tali's Horror Road Trip: California

RELUCTANT IMMORTALS by Gwendolyn Kiste has a woman on the cover, with very psychedelic feeling colors.

“Reluctant Immortals” by Gwendolyn Kiste

State: California


“Rust Maidens”, by Gwendolyn Kiste, is one of my favorite books. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. When “Reluctant Immortals” was released, I rushed to buy it. Let me tell you, Kiste does not disappoint.

“Reluctant Immortals” is a story about two women, Lucy Westenra and Bertha (Bee) Mason, who live together in California. Both are in their 20s and undead. These well-developed characters had traumatic pasts, fears, and complicated loves. These women endured a lot. They loved through the trauma at the hands of men who wanted nothing more than playthings. Kiste developed a story of female strength. Lucy and Bee were resilient in taking back their stories and healing. These women were a force to be reckoned with. I would like to spread decay as I walk through a room, LOL! I loved that Lucy could leave behind rot. You go girl!!

Dracula and Mr. Rochester, the male characters, were great villains. I felt that Dracula was a bit more compelling and interesting. He was relentless lol. Mr. Rochester fell a little flat for me but he still contributed the action scenes.

“Reluctant Immortals” sounds intense. It really is not. Kiste developed a humorous story with horror vibes. There were lines that made me laugh out loud. I mean, who worries about parallel parking a horse?

There is a nod to Jane Eyre, who plays herself. This was not my favorite part of the book, but Kiste did weave it into the story well.

It is really difficult to talk about this book without spoiling it. It was unique and fun. Something that should be experienced. Overall a great book.

Additional books set in California:

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