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Tali's Horror Road Trip: West Virginia

“Night of the Bubbies” by Damien Casey

State: West Virginia


Damien Casey’s books always have me rolling. Casey created a Easter-themed creature feature with all the 80s feels.

I really appreciated the authors note. Damien manages the readers expectations with a honest note about the story. Readers are aware that they are about to embark on a fun easter journey rather than a serious horror story.

Kevin has a depressing life, low paying job, no money. He is a real character and the dialogue throughout the book contributed to shaping Kevin. The reader can feel his experiences. He just cannot get it right. He meets a girl, Leah, who has the most interesting conspiracy theories. Kevin takes Leah out and gets ketchup all over his NEW white shirt. Geez ... talk about a guy who cannot catch a break. I have been there lol. My white shirts are a stain magnet. Anywho, back to Kevin ... He was real and relatable.

Casey turns up the heat with the bubbies and their weapons. They reminded me of the movie “Critters". The story gets fun fast. There's plenty of gore and twisted cuteness. This story is just under 100 pages, and I do not want to spoil it. “Night of the Bubbies" is an entertaining story that can be read in one sitting. It is silly, outlandish, gory and will have you double checking the candy. I will never look at Peeps the same again. The perfect story to break up a monotonous day.

Other books set in West Virginia:

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“The Rising” by Brian Keene

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