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The Bone Tribe - R. K. Latch

A haunting image of a young and an old Native American missing half their faces, and a gang riding away on horses in the foreground

Well, Wix hates me and deleted my entire review, so here we go again! 😂

As I've mentioned a few times now, I've become a fan of Westerns, and already loved anything with a revenge theme, so this checked both of those boxes. R.K. and Arjuna combine the dusty, rough feel of the desert and classic tale of bandits on the run, with a twist of vengeance and ghosts who won't let wrongdoers rest.

The art is beautiful, and uses sharp lines to present very stark images matching the barren lands we've all seen at one point or another from the Old West. I found the graphics clear and easy to read, allowing for enjoyment of the story without struggling to decipher what belonged where or who was speaking (a very important thing I check off my list with the form of media).

There's something tremendously satisfying about the perpetrators of violent crimes having the tables flipped on them, similar to seeing those who were wronged, becoming an agent of karma. I'd love to see more of this storyline!


R.K. Latch is a southern gentleman with a keyboard and a wild imagination. He's an independent writer of novels, novellas, and short stories. Most of his fiction centers around the fictional southern Winchester County, Mississippi. R.K. lives back in the woods with his wife and daughter.

X: @WincoPhantom

Instagram: @WinchesterPhantom

Facebook: R.K. Latch

Arjuna Susini is a comic artist, born in Livorno, Italy. He graduated from the International School of Comics in Florence in 2008. In 2011, his first comic, Bullet Ballad, was published by BD Edizioni. In 2012 he worked with Graphic India on two series, Mistry P.I. and Shikary Force: Hunters, while working as a concept artist for Mighty Box on the game Posthuman: Sanctuary. He has also worked on Made Men from Oni Press, Leone from Sergio Bonelli, The Replacer from Aftershock, Heist or How To Steal A Planet from Vault Comics, Blood on Sunset from Source Point Press, and Lamentation from Oni Press.

Instagram: @arjuna_susini

X: @ArjunaSusini

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