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The Insatiable Hunger of Trees - Samantha Eaton

Don't mind the Journey confetti at the bottom of the tote - I was so floored by this swag bag!

For me, cold weather and snowy environments are a special kind of horror even without things that go bump in the night, so naturally I chose to read it while I was on a flight to Florida for a week. My only miscalculation was that the plane's AC was insanely cold, sooooo there was that.

Our main character, Cara, is at the end of her high school years, working passionately to secure passage out of her tiny town and away from the cloud that has followed her since the disappearance of her older sister Shelby, and the unsolved murders of a couple of her sister's closest friends. What no one was prepared for, was Shelby's return.

There were so many elements that Samantha utilized in this book, and all of them were proof of how much the devil is in the details. It's no secret that animals respond to things very differently than people, and their senses are so heightened, they border on being a super power. Making animals a common thread throughout the story helps build anticipation and makes you question who can be trusted.

I loved the twists and turns thrown one after another, and the way Shelby's return and following behaviors were laid out, was enthralling. It was a nice change of pace having her return, as opposed to discoveries (like a body) being made later on. Her concept for the monster's design and behaviors was incredibly creative, and I was very pleasantly surprised when I realized my assumption about the nature of the monster was wrong!

The book, along with all the badass stickers, bookmarks, and other fun items that were designed along with it, is a must-have!

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