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Throwback Thursday: Bride of Re-Animator (1990)

A man with glasses dressed as a scientist is standing in front of the reflection of a woman stretched out on a table with medical instrumentation

As one of my first reviews was the first movie in this franchise, it seemed only right to review this one today. This week, back in 1990 we were bought the sequel to one of my favourites - Bride of Re-Animator!

Although this follow up did not quite match my love of the first, it was still fantastic. This film somehow got crazier than the first, and I'm really not sure how Wes convinces Dan to do these things everytime!

I was hoping we may see the return of Barbara Crampton as a zombiefied Megan, but unfortunately they just use her heart, along with other body parts from the hospital, to create their Bride. We do get the return of Dr Hill's head of course!

As always, Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott do a wonderful job playing the crazy doctors! The practical effects and make up in this were top notch again, and the monstorous creations that we see in the latter part of the film were just wild!

Part 2 of this franchise is a must watch if you enjoy the first, and I myself can't wait to see number 3!

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