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Tubi Tuesday: Older Gods (2023)

Updated: Mar 13

Older Gods movie poster 2023 depicting bodies hanging from an old tree's limbs

I had my doubts about this movie at the beginning, but I quickly changed my mind! Older Gods is a fresh take on a cult tale, far different from anything I've seen, and it just so happens that cults in horror are particularly fascinating to me when they venture away from the stereotypes.

It opens with our main character, Chris, arriving at a remote cottage in Wales. Through phone calls, we learn that his friend Billy committed suicide, that he (Chris) and his wife are expecting a baby soon, and he has taken off on this trip without telling anyone where he was going. He settles in, and begins watching a video made by Billy prior to his death while digging through the research Billy had accumulated.

Billy and his team had discovered a cult believing in an ancient deity they called, "The Origin", and the heinous actions they took in their efforts to please and awaken it from its slumber. As Chris plummets deeper into the rabbit hole, he realizes he's being stalked by someone breaking into the cottage to leave/remove certain items, and horrifying visions haunt him day and night. The violence and stalking escalate, reaching a boiling point when he tries to leave the cottage to return home (Colorado).

As a whole, I enjoyed the watch. An eerie atmosphere, characters you care about by the end of the movie, a bit of blood splattered here and there, and a few well-placed jump scares sold me. I might watch it again at some point to see if there's anything I missed, since they do feed you a lot of the plot information through the videos Billy has left for Chris. I'd recommend giving it a go if you enjoy cults, the idea of ancient deities just waiting to whoop some human race arse, and foreboding endings.

8 out of 10 ☠️

The You Run Podcast episode, featuring an interview with director David A. Roberts!

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