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Uncanny Valley Days - CJ Sampera

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

When I saw the subject matter for Uncanny Valley Days*, I had to reach out for an ARC. Natural elements like water or plants are terrifying because they're everywhere, and the same applies to technology in our society. Smart houses with interior/exterior cameras, cell phones, businesses with security cameras, laptops, video games - how are you supposed to escape from a demon determined to cause death and destruction, with access to that medium?

The main character, Olivia, is so relatable to anyone who has suffered horrible loss at some point and struggled to deal with the aftermath, a.k.a. everyone. Her emotional ups and downs add a very human element and more depth to an already unique, enthralling storyline. You're pulling for her to get it together and save the day, even though you're really not sure how exactly she'll make that happen.

CJ does a great job of writing characters on both sides of humanity - endearing, fun people you would love to have in your circle, versus the self-absorbed, sleazy assholes that you love to hate. Render is absolutely terrifying as a villain. Descriptions of his movements, his eerie, jagged smile, and the bottomless holes where his eyes should have been, are absolutely chilling. You feel the dread right along with the characters when you know Render is about to make an appearance, and the anxiety builds throughout the book!

It releases TOMORROW (October 12th), so go order your copy now. Uncanny Valley Days is a great twist on a demonic storyline, and I don't want to say it sticks with you, but... also it makes me cringe every time an electronic glitches out!😬

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