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Open Submission Listings

Have you ever found yourself wishing there was a list somewhere of open submissions, with a standardized format? Look no further, friends. 



This anthology will merge the thrills and chills of horror with the dark underworld and dealings of the mafia.

DEADLINE: July 31st


Too Bad, You Died

Theme - Horror/Sci-Fi/Weird short stories.

DEADLINE: July 31st

PgH logo1.png

Punk Goes Horror

A Mixtape of Musically Inspired Goth-Rock-Horror Bangers, published by Truborn Press and edited by William Sterling.

SUBMISSION WINDOW: August 1st-25th


Books typically take longer to finish and query than a short story. Whether you have something ready to go now or are trying to polish something up in time to submit to your favorite press, we've got you covered.

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Pretend You Don't See Her

The Invisible Woman: You barely notice her, sitting alone in the corner of the smoky bar.

DEADLINE: December 15th

Ghost Orchid Press

Screenshot 2024-06-08 174946.png

Current Status: Open

Scheduling for 2025

Established in January 2021, Ghost Orchid Press is an independent publisher of horror, Gothic, and supernatural fiction based in Cambridgeshire, UK. We are dedicated to championing new and emerging authors in these increasingly popular, versatile genres.

Timber Ghost Press


Current Status: Closed

Open July 1st - 10th

Timber Ghost Press is looking to publish high-quality ​horror fiction to include cosmic horror, weird horror, sci-fi/horror, gothic, and contemporary.

Slashic Horror Press

Screenshot 2023-09-10 182900.png

Current Status: Open

Scheduling for 2026

Slashic Horror Press is a publisher focusing on providing industry-leading publishing experiences to authors writing own voices horror. Some of their titles include The Local Truth by Carlos E. Rivera and the upcoming The Gateway in Apartment 8 by Chisto Healy.

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