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If you are a horror creator looking to make use of some of the community's amazing resources, we've got you covered. Below are pages, articles, and promotional services for all types of creators.


One of our biggest features is our catalogue of venues who are accepting open calls for submissions. If you have a manuscript you're looking to place, that is where to check.

If you're a writer who is looking for art or editorial services for your project, we highly suggest checking our artist and editor showcases as well.


On our editor's page we are working to assemble every kind of editor you might need. This ranges from proofreading and sensitivity reading all the way to heavier developmental editing and line editing.

A big goal is to set up the talented editors in the community with writers who may need their services.


We are proud to feature some of the best cover artists from the indie horror community in our Cover Gallery.

While the focus right now is showcasing artists to put them in direct content with writers who need art, we hope to continue expanding our efforts to help support and showcase artists.

Articles & Further Reading


We are still expanding our list of contributors, as well as our network of podcasts, blogs, and other promoters. If you are looking for help promoting something, or would like to help us promote something else, the best thing you can do is use the contact form below to get in touch with us directly.

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