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Welcome to the Gallery

Here we feature some of the indie horror community's most talented cover artists. You can browse their portfolios below and find their contact information if you would like to commission a cover or purchase one of their available pre-mades.

Matt Wildasin.jpg
Matt Wildasin.jpg

Matt Wildasin

Matt Wildasin is the author of, The Backrooms, It Came From the Sea, Baggage, Melancholia, The Demon in the Glass, Edge of Twilight and the Horrors Untold series (I through V). He lives in Hellam Township in York, Pennsylvania and is happily married to the love of his life, Jamie Wildasin.


    Ruth Anna Evans

    Ruth Anna Evans is a writer of short horror fiction, an anthologizer, and a cover designer who lives in the heart of all that is sinister: the American Midwest.  She has self-published the horror collection No One Can Help You: Tales of Lost Children and Other Nightmares, along with novellas, novelettes, and several short stories. She was the editor of Ooze: Little Bursts of Body Horror.

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