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Kosa - John Durgin

An old, demonic woman with black eyes and cracks all over her face is eating a mouthful of beautiful red hair

Release Date: May 17th, 2024

Dark Lit Press

Kosa by John Durgin is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. He's tricky with his cast of characters; you don't know who is in it for the long haul, and who is about to become another victim in this dark, Rapunzel-like tale.

Kosa has never been exposed to the outside world, as her mother insists it's too dangerous. Aside from the occasional friend Mother brings to play with her, she's never seen any other people near their home deep in the forest. She's sheltered in every sense of the word, knowing only what she's told - no TV, no radio, no newspapers, and certainly no internet. She understands though, since her mother needs Kosa kept safe so she (Mother) can heal and retain her abilities with Kosa's help.

This is one of those heart-breaking books where you're afraid to root for a character, because you don't want to get hurt if they don't make it!😂 Despite that fear, I cheered several on anyways, and there's no restraint shown when it comes to who ends up on the metaphorical chopping block.

I really enjoyed how the book covered happenings across several different time periods. Watching Kosa's emotional development through the years creates a whole new level of uncertainty and anxiety when she's placed in a situation to make a pivotal choice. There's no predicting what she'll do, and it's nerve-wracking!

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