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Throwback Thursday: THE VVITCH (2015)

Back in 2015, A24 bought us The VVitch. This is one I had been avoiding for a long time as I have so far not been a fan of other A24 films. 

This one started out well, I was genuinely interested and certainly engrossed. There were a couple of great, creepy scenes when we saw the Witch.

It felt like there was alot of build up for this, and just as things started heating up and getting interesting, it just ended! It did really annoy me as I was watching it as I really hate when films do that.

The actors, especially a young Anya Taylor-Joy,  all gave great performances. I loved the historical touches, from the title to the language and the costume design. However, I'd suggest anyone watching to put subtitles on, as I struggled to understand what they were saying some of the time.

It wasn't an awful film, but it felt a little pointless as it seemed to go nowhere. I don't like films that are just wrapped up with no clear ending or answers. 

If you like other A24 films such as Midsommar and Hereiditary, then you will probably like this. However, it was not one for me.

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