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Tubi Tuesday: Shark Side of the Moon (2022) Spoiler Free

Happy Tuesday Horror Fans! I've got an interesting choice for my Tubi Tuesday this week. I picked this on a whim a few nights ago and was not prepared for the wild ride this movie would take me on. Shark Side of the Moon is about Russian-made human/shark hybrids sent to the moon during the space race. The film opens with these smart and deadly sharks getting out of their enclosure and wreaking havoc. Then one of the scientists Sergi (Ego Mikitas) leads them to a spaceship and flies them to the moon in what he thinks is a self-sacrificing move. 

But wait, there’s more!

Now, present-day NASA is sending up a group of astronauts to the moon. Upon arrival, they discover that the sharks have established a colony on the moon and are plotting to take over Earth. Their grand plan involves using a colossal spaceship to transport their people and the thousands of shark/human hybrids they've created over the past 50 years. The astronauts are thrust into a battle for survival, simultaneously attempting to stop the sharks' takeover of Earth. 

Now I don't want to hype this up saying it's a masterpiece. However, the shark CGI is a mind-bending experience, the writing veers into the realm of entertainingly bad, and the actors fully commit to the madness. I never like to judge too harshly because making a movie is not an easy thing. I will go on to say this is probably my new favorite ‘bad movie’ and I will be trying to convince everyone to watch it. Starting with you, dear reader. 

So if you like sci-fi horror with bizarre creatures then this could be for you. There are many ‘shark’ variations and I loved every one of them. While this is not scary, it kept me entertained, so for that it is getting a high score. With a quick runtime of 88 minutes, what do you have to lose? 

6.5 out of 10 Screams

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