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A Year Spent in Horror -Radar DeBoard

Image courtesy of Angel
A man's screaming face is half intact, and half hairless, with skin peeling, and blood leaking from the eye
Image courtesy of Angel

I was new to the term ‘micro-fiction’, but I was more than on board! I have followed Radar DeBoard on Twitter for over a year now, so I’ve seen his posts with these micro-fictions for a while. Needless to say, when he announced he was rounding them up to put them in a book, I couldn’t wait to jump in!

‘A Year Spent in Horror’ is a wild ride! It is a unique horror experience, taking you through stories that range from magic, monsters, paranormal, and body horror. There is nothing left untouched

in this collection. These shorts are set up as prompt words, so Radar takes a word and then creates a story around that word. Some of these words become increasingly difficult to shape a whole story around, but he does it with finesse.

I cannot speak enough to the brain power behind these stories. There

are moments of humor and moments of ‘Oh no…’ that happen and you’ll find yourself unable to stop until you’ve read them all. Radar takes us through a fully wrapped story in only a few lines, leaving us in clear understanding and oftentimes in awe or ew.

Steve and I recently talked to Radar to promote this book and learn more about it, and it was such a great conversation. The thought process that goes into writing these stories and the constraints to keeping them this short was really cool to talk about and you can hear us talk about it more in depth on the channel!

We also have an interview Radar was kind enough to do with us, and a review of his book THE ALTAR FROM SPACE.

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