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The Altar from Space - Radar DeBoard

What are two words that definitely don't bode well for characters in a horror story? "Altar" and "space". Now throw in a mysterious distress signal, make sure you have enough popcorn ready for the amount of chaos unfolding in The Altar from Space*, and then look longingly at that buttery goodness wishing you hadn't lost your appetite after reading about the creatures wrecking havoc in this book.

Straight to my favorite part of this book: more now than ever, I appreciate a strong, badass, female lead, and Radar has absolutely delivered. Talisha. Is. Awesome. She's an engineer, a great fighter, a quick thinker, and a valued member of a team who knows what she can contribute. There's no questioning of her capabilities at any point, and she holds her own like the boss that she is, while she and her team are challenged in ways they never expected.

Aside from the phenomenal heroes in this story, the monster design absolutely shines (or maybe that's just light reflecting off slime or some other kind of goo...). Body horror makes me a bit squeamish sometimes, and it doesn't get much more gross than human bodies ripped apart, pieced back together, and further modified by evil spirits. Very creative evil spirits, I might add.

If you've ever seen Event Horizon, you'll definitely get those vibes from this story, with a dash of comedy thrown in to occasionally lighten the mood. Those of us with a horrible sense of humor will absolutely understand the need for jokes at what seem like the worst possible times for these characters. Sometimes the choice is to make a joke or lose your mind!

Overall, this book is an excellent combination of horror and sci-fi, contains amazing characters, harbors disgusting monsters, and is filled with action from start to finish. GO GET IT!

Radar can be found here:

Twitter: @Radarsteal1

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