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Spectrum: An Autistic Horror Anthology

Third Estate Books knocked this anthology out of the park!

The news of this anthology's creation really excited me.

An assortment of horror stories penned by and for neurodivergent and autistic writers? Yes, please.

Unfortunately, it represents an area of horror fiction where visibility is not as widespread as it should be.

I am thankful to have been able to read and review this anthology for fellow readers!

Book Synopsis:

"Deep in the recesses of our minds are twisted realities that so closely mirror our own. In these pages, our nightmares are laid bare, made to manifest. There is no waking up; there is no going back once you fall into the tapestry of terrors that await. Are you ready? From courteous neighbors gone awry to the burning brightness of everlasting daylight comes Spectrum: An Autistic Horror Anthology reflective of the vast array of neurodivergent artists in our community and the things that keep them up in the night, the things they can’t look away from.

Don’t Blink."

I asked Aquino Loayza, one of the book's editors and an exceptional author, about their inspiration for curating an anthology of autistic horror.

Their response was perfect: "Honestly, I just wanted stories from individuals with neurodivergent conditions, people who look and talk like me. A true tapestry."

The collaborative, community effort is evident throughout this book.

Spectrum features 20 stories that cover a range of horror themes. I find anthologies somewhat challenging and typically take more time to complete them. My usual approach to anthologies is to read one story every day. That being said, this anthology had a varied collection of stories that kept my interest the entire time I read.

Some of my personal favorite stories from Spectrum include:

  • "But The WiFi Is Great" by John Wiswell

  • "Safe Food" by Xochilt Avila

  • "Neighborly" by Aquino Loayza

  • "Given Names" by Lucas Shipwright

But truly you cannot go wrong with any of these unique tales!

Many thanks to Third Estate for my copy of this anthology.

I highly recommend it for fans of remarkable, binge-worthy horror.

You can grab your copy of Spectrum: An Autistic Horror Anthology here.

Be sure to follow the publisher here!

Don't forget to read indie!

-Kirsten, @thespineofmotherhood


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