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Take a Bite Out of Texas with TASTES LIKE CANDY

Updated: Jun 9

“Tastes Like Candy” by Ivy Tholen

State: Texas


I love carnival and abandoned amusement park horror. Make it a slasher carnival horror story and I am here for it!!

“Tastes Like Candy”, by Ivy Tholen, is about a group of friends that have been chosen to participate in the Senior Scavenger hunt. Every year it is at a different location. And this year, there's a twist: It will be held on the grounds of the Poison Apple Carnival ... after dark. 👀 I loved the description of the carnival and it’s rides.

“Tastes Like Candy” is a YA story but Tholen did not shy away from gore and violent kills. Just the way I like my slasher books😍. The first part of the book was more of the YA. High school seniors applying for college, preparing for the scavenger hunt. The second part goes straight into mature bloody mayhem. Also. The killer’s name and description were hysterical 😆I will not give details because I don’t want to spoil them.

I loved the ending even though I kind of guessed the killer.  I had it down to 2 people. That aside. I still wanted to know what was happening.

I highly recommend this book. “Tastes Like Candy 2: Sugarless” is the anticipated sequel that was released recently. I am dying to dive into it.😍

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