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Bones (2001)

Movie poster for Bones (2001) starring Snoop Dogg. His face is highlighted in red light, with yellow eyes, for a demonic appearance

When I was 18, had I known there was a horror movie featuring Snoop Dogg as a resurrected demon, coming back from the dead to seek vengeance from the criminal underworld that wronged him by taking his life and starting a crack cocaine pandemic that would destroy his beloved neighbourhood - I would have said "take my money". Fast-forward 14 years later, I definitely have a different perspective on such a premise.


One thing I will give this film credit for is its fantastic use of creative set designs and visuals effects in the few sparing scenes that we see of them. There is one in particular that features a variety of tar covered humans morphing from a wall in an early dream sequence. This particular sequence looked so much more impressive than I think this film deserved. We also get a brief insight into the potential of the practical effects department during the resurrection of Snoop Dogg's character 'Bones'. It's a shame this scene wasn't taken further, it reminded me of the reverse animation used for Franks rejuvenation in 'Hellraiser'. In contradiction to the occasional great practical work, there is some awful CGI. And although I pre-anticipated this, nothing really prepared me for how badly executed some of the overlaid visual computer generated graphics were.

The story, I have to be honest, is an absolute drag. Not only does it present itself in the most drawn out and dull manner, but it held very little interest for me in terms of the horror side of its plot development. Granted, things do become horror centric towards the final act but at this point it's all just too little to late. If you are unsure on whether you want to spend 90 minutes on this film, I would recommend just search Jimmy Bones' demise in YouTube. This scene alone will provide you with everything you need to know regarding the terrible level of filmmaking and acting that 'Bones' has on display.


This amateur effort to rip off 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and 'The Crow', with a hip-hop style revenge mob twist is nothing short of disastrous. Given the time of its release and the audience this is marketed towards, I can see how you could have a lot of fun with this film given the right "circumstances". However, for me this film just came too late in life for me to generate any form of appreciation for it's over the top satirical nature. If you haven't already seen 'Bones', I would recommend you give this one a miss.

💀 1/2

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