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Cover, TOC, and Description for Wolf Charity Coming from Voices!


The lore of the werewolf dates back as far as 2100 B.C. From stories of gypsies, to full moons, to their epic feud with vampires; we've seen it all. But what if you hadn't? What if there were stories of werewolves you had never heard of? Lore you had never considered? In Howlin' For You, you'll find stories that don't always follow the typical path. The deeper you go, you'll find you may have bitten off more than you can chew.


Sara Smith - The Caress of the Moon

Rachael Endicott - White Dresses, Crimson Heart

Scott Harding - The Scent of Silver

Madeline White - Becoming the Beast

Sophie Ingley - Of Girl and Wolf

R.C. Capasso - Transformation

Bryce Meerhaeghe - Howling Across the Night Sky

Dawn Colclasure - Salvaged Video

A.D. Jones - The Tourist

Jose L. Lopez Jr. - Sanctuary

Lauren Carter - Those That Are Made This Night

Rain Corbyn - Supersmeller

Agatha Grimke - Don't Hunt the Wolves

Hughes Ouimet - Little Jimmy

Jeannie Marschall - Game

Rob MacWolf - There Was a Lock on the Door

M. Edusa - The Hour Before Dawn

Marley Jay - Good Bones

Derek Heath - Bek

Gary Robbe - The Feast of Fenrir

Matthew Chabin - Away With the Spoon

Jack Finn - Among the Wolves

Brad Acevedo - The Red Queen

Sara Connor - Perfectly Natural

Jasmine De La Paz - Shackeled Bones

Angel Krause - Hot Fun in the Summer

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