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Crowdfunding Announcement: The Witch of Endor

The film is an adaptation of a chapter from the Bible - 1 Samuel Chapter 28. It's a story many, even religious folk, aren't terribly familiar with, so one of our goals is to familiarize people with this epic ghost story as well as making an amazing horror film. It's one of the oldest ghost stories ever told and we're not trying to preach, just recreate this tale, so even if you're not religious you'll be able to enjoy it as a horror fan.


"Before you get too excited, no this is not a Star Wars horror project, although that would be awesome. This is an adaptation of a story from the Bible, specifically 1 Samuel chapter 28. The story is about King Saul. Now, if you're not familiar with King Saul, he was not a great guy. He was greedy, murdery, and just generally pretty vain. Because of this, God brought prophesied that King David (as in David and Goliath) would come in to replace Saul as King. Saul was not happy with this arrangement, and when the Philistine army showed up in his neighborhood ready to go to war, Saul tried to pray to God to know what to do -- but he was met with silence. In a rash effort to get some guidance, Saul went and visited a witch, in a place called Endor, and asked her to call up the spirit of the dead prophet Samuel so that he might get some guidance about how to defeat the Philistines. Unfortunately, Saul does not get the guidance he is looking for."

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