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Arkansas and Ania Ahlborn

Ania Ahlborn is one of my favorite authors. I do not know why it took me so long to rest this one. The Bird Eater was fantastic! I binged it.

In The Bird Eater, Aaron returns to his childhood home to face old demons and try to eradicate more recent ones. The events here were centered around one sinister house. The Holbrook House stood isolated from its surrounding community. It had a history of darkness but for Aaron, it was once his childhood home. After he leaves his wife and current home following the death of their son, he finds the property as a place to grieve in peace, but it might have entirely other ideas for him.

The main character in this story, Aaron, is broken in so many ways. He mourning loss, fighting demons, and trying to put his life together. A powerful story of grief and loss.

The house had a great atmosphere. I loved walking through it as Ahlborn told her story. The story is creepy from the start with shadows lurking and smiling, birds squawking, and mysterious writing. Ahlborn tells a foreboding story that will haunt your dreams

More books set in Arkansas:

“The Boatman’s Daughter” by Andy Davidson

“Mongrels” by Stephen Graham Jones

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