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Don't Get Canceled - Clickbait: Unfollowed Review (Spoiler Free)

Tubi Post of Clickbait: Unfollowed
Image Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

Happy Tuesday Horror Fans. Get ready to delete all of your social media after watching Clickbait: Unfollowed. This is a fairly standard slasheresque movie, it follows 6 up and coming social media influencers as they compete to gain more followers and fame. One of my favorite parts of this film was that 90% of the characters were just bad people.

One of the contestants in the competition is a 10-year-old boy named Parker and it's very clear to see that his mother Julie is pressuring him to be an influencer. Julie, portrayed by Jessica Stanely, was a gem to watch because she was a crappy person. 

The overall plot of the movie follows a typical reality TV game show. You do challenges and the person who loses the challenge is sent home. However, in this case, losing the game means losing your life. One scene I enjoyed was watching the contestants decide if they are going to continue once they knew what would happen if they stayed and played. While this is a horror movie, Clickbait: Unfollowed does have some solid bits of comedy. 

The kills in Clickbait: Unfollowed were very interesting and made for decent gore in a few scenes. It's rare for me to find a movie where I am rooting for the killer but again these characters didn't have many redeemable qualities, so that added something fun to the atmosphere of the movie. The ending did leave a few things unfinished but I wasn't that invested to be bothered by that. 

Overall, Clickbait: Unfollowed gave a fun and deadly take on the game show horror theme. While the characters as people sucked I did love the direction they took the characters in. I chatted about the mother and son already, but there was also a “health guru” who was a bit unhinged and was putting her period blood in her garden. There was a fitness guy who tried to be deep and complex, a finance guy who was just the worst, a makeup guru, and a comedian. I enjoyed the character interactions and loved that the film had a good progression of these influencers losing sanity as the rules of the game set in. 

If you are looking for a fun quick horror-comedy then Clickbait: Unfollowed may be the perfect choice. It also may make you want to delete social media. 

5 out 10 Screams

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