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Forbidden World (1982)

A large creature is looming over a woman on the ground, scrambling to get away from it

It's only in the last month or so that I've started venturing into the world of late 70s and early 80s horror, where the movies all hilariously walk the line between being an adult film and horror. Forbidden World definitely falls into that category, with the major cast members drooling over each other within moments of meeting. (I was absolutely dying).

The characters were stereotypical of a sci-fi horror combo, in the most entertaining way. Jesse Vint plays Mike Colby, our seasoned, outer space version of James Bond whose superpower is to immediately make women want to take their clothes off. June Chadwick, a.k.a. Dr. Barbara Glaser is introduced as a brilliant geneticist, but she very quickly falls prey to Colby's superpower. Linden Chiles is Dr. Gordon Hauser, that secretive scientist who has ventured into realms he shouldn't have, but is determined to protect his creation at all costs. Fox Harris (how cool is that name?) gets a shoutout for playing Dr. Cal Timbergen, the gruff outcast who doesn't really seem to belong with the group but is a vital part of what's happening.

Forbidden World is a textbook "experiment gone wrong because humans grew too big for their britches" film. Subject 20 is the result of genetic splicing on planet Xarbia: bloodthirsty, unpredictable, and growing at an incredible rate. When Colby and his robot pal Sam arrive and sees the extent of destruction Subject 20 has unleashed already, Colby insists that it be killed, but Dr. Hauser rejects that idea immediately. It's clear from the start that the team is hiding a large secret they don't want to discuss, and that secret may very well result in the death of everyone at that station.

I had a riot watching this film and the monster was creepy AF, so if those are the two boxes you're looking to check off with a movie, Forbidden World will definitely accomplish that!

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