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How I Met Your Aura

"I want to be seen as an artist, not a monster."

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder—or, in this case, in someone who can see another person’s aura through color. Void is an artist, unconventional in his creations. He uses the colors of a person’s aura, which he extracts through their blood and sometimes bones. When Void encounters his most extraordinary muse, Zahra, everything changes, but his path remains dark, visceral, and intensely erotic.

I'm in absolute awe of Mona’s writing in general, but this story truly takes the cake! The vibrant depiction of the colors of one's soul, interwoven with elements of horror, lust, and the unexplained, makes for a superb read. The writing is poetic and vivid, drawing readers quickly into the story and, at times, making me root for the protagonist (which, I must admit, says something intriguing about my taste in characters, LOL).

I highly recommend this story—1000 times over!

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