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It Came From the Sea - Matt Wildasin

I've read a few different pieces by Matt now, and this is absolutely my favorite so far! It Came From the Sea* takes an idyllic, seaside town where most people try to escape to, and smashes it. A vacation destination becomes a grisly graveyard filled with monsters far beyond the normal reach of the imagination!

I loved the approach Matt uses, where we follow different people in various locations around the city at the heart of the story, giving us a wider look at the terror unfolding from a variety of perspectives. Young adults, older, retired folks, and a family with a young son have motives across the spectrum from revenge to the most basic desire to survive.

He made a great choice with a massive creature of unknown origin, because the options for mutations and other accompanying entities are limitless. Fish-like humanoids, horrendous bugs, and everyday animals that shouldn't have tentacles, but do, wreak havoc along every inch of the coast. However, as in most apocalyptic situations, humans have the amazing capability to "out-monster" the monsters. In circumstances where we should be banding together, we turn on each other in some of the worst ways possible. We look to each other for somewhere to place blame, project our emotions on the crowd around us, and lash out (think The Mist).

On a totally unrelated note... have you SEEN this book cover?! These calming, tranquil colors rope you in, and then BEAT you with the chaos and mayhem they hide!

Go find Matt here:

Twitter: @Matt_Wildasin

Amazon: Matt Wildasin

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