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Kickstarter Announcement: ZOMBACON

We are announcing a Kickstarter project for ZOMBACON.

Cover art for ZOMBACON featuring one of the zombie pigs and a list of the thirteen participating authors.

Zombacon is a splatterpunk horror comedy novella composed of the written work of thirteen fantastic authors. This list of authors is comprised of (in chronological order)-

  • Matt Wildasin (Author of THE BACKROOMS)

  • Robert Royal Poff (Author of SLEEPING AMONG WOLVES)

  • Nathan D. Ludwig (Author of THE COMFY-COZY NIHILIST)

  • Jessica Eppley (Author of EXOTIC BIRDS)

  • Rowland Bercy Jr. (Author of UNBORTION)

  • Dorian J. Sinnott (Author of IT CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR)

  • C.I.I. Jones (Author of A BOY AND HIS DOG)

  • DA Latham (Author of COMPULSIONS)

  • Megan Stockton (Author of BLUEJAY)

  • Steve L Clark (Author of DOWN HOME)


  • Cat Voleur (Author of REVENGE ARC)

  • David Simms (Author of FEAR THE REAPER)

This project differs from other anthologies in the way that it's based off the concept of exquisite corpse, meaning that, instead of a series of short stories Zombacon is one continuous narrative told by each author writing one chapter then passing it off to the next who picks up from where they left off. It's a chaotic, unique, exploratory undertaking that's been presented as a new opportunity for our slew of authors to showcase what they each bring to the table.

Zombacon envelopes a tale of the apocalypse, wherein a truck containing a mysterious contaminant crashes into a field of livestock, causing the pigs slaughtered for bacon to carry a hidden, enigmatic virus that turns those who eat it into mutant zombie-like pig monsters. Visceral carnage ensues as the populace are infected, causing Alberto, a food reviewing hermit, to flee the safety of his apartment alongside a group of misfits.

Tiers start as low as the $1 support tier and end in the $170 full book package deal that includes the book, goodies, and a signed book from each of the involved authors.

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