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Mississippi and the River Man

"Gone to See the River Man"

Kristopher Triana

STATE: Mississippi


Mississippi is a double feature this week.

“Gone to See the River Man”, by Kristopher Triana, is a story about the lengths someone will go for love.

WOW!! What a brutal dark story!

Lori has developed a pen pal relationship with a prison inmate, Edmund Cox, who has murdered and gutted several women. Lori has become obsessed with him. She will do anything for him. He sends her on a harrowing journey to obtain a key and bring it to the River Man. I remember thinking, “WHAT...ok that is real dedication and love for someone.”

Lori’s mentally challenged sister, Abby, accompanies her on this bizarre trip.

Triana wastes no time telling this story by flawlessly alternating between the trip and backstory, which solidifies and moves the reader into the story.

The character development is brilliant. Lori is an extremely complex character with many layers. The reader gets a real feel for the motivations and traumas that fueled Lori’s actions. Lori is by no stretch of the imagination a lovable character. She has done horrible things whixh makes her and Edmund a match made in heaven.

I was eagerly waiting for Triana to reveal the River Man, which he does with this great character waiting in the cabin. I was literally smiling as he made his grand appearance.

This story is not a gore fest, although it has some moments, rather it is a dark psychological horror. The author took care to develop both the creepy atmosphere and complex characters. The book has numerous trigger warnings that I feel seasoned horror reader can handle.

“Along The River of Flesh"

Kristopher Triana


Edward Cox, Killen’s most notorious resident, is back and brutal as ever! “Along The River of Flesh,” by Kristopher Triana, the sequel to “Gone to See The River Man,” is incredible. The book opens with a recap of the first novel (much appreciated, Mr. Triana). Then the reader gets thrown back into Killen.

This book follows three new characters, a corrupt cop, a grim detective dealing with the aftermath of trauma, and a derelict teenage runaway obsessed with Edmund Cox. The reader follows them on their journey through Killen and up Hollow River.

I absolutely love The River Man, which is based on a legend. His reveal was one of my favorite parts in book one 😍. He only makes himself known to people with darkness lurking inside of them. Oh man, these characters are dark!

Along, with its predecessor, "Along The River of Flesh," has the worst humans an author can create. Triana excels at writing unlikeable characters and putting them in a dark, visceral story with plenty of gore. Edward skins people, rubs them against their flesh, and slaughters them without thinking twice. The book is full of blood and guts. There are moments when Triana takes you into Edwards's thoughts. The darkness is palatable on every page.

Triana takes the reader on a brutal ride while still telling an addicting story. His writing style is unique to the extreme horror subgenre. How? Well, You are going to have to read one of his books.

I do not have any addtional horror reccomendations this week for Mississippi.


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