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Open Call: Two Sentence Horrors

A skeleton leaning on a book reading "Short Scares: Two Sentence Horrors Anthology" edited by Lauren Carter

Two Sentence Horrors

Can you terrify in such few words? Make people’s skin crawl by that last sentence? Surprise them out of the blue? Make the reader feel safe at first then scared by the end?If so, I want your two sentence horror stories!


August 31st, 2023


Two Sentences


Royalties from the anthology will go to Mind, a mental health charity



  • There is no theme to the collection, as the stories are so short, so go wild!

  • Has to be two sentences – you can be cheeky with long sentences (use those commas and semi-colons) but not too cheeky...

  • The genre is horror, you can use any sub-genres of horror and also mix other genres in there too – just as long as the core of it is horror

  • Surprise me, I find the best two sentence stories are unexpected, weird and wild. If you need some inspiration, I recently learned that there is a whole reddit thingy of them:

  • Don’t self-reject! Since the stories are short, I need quite a lot – rejections will mostly happen if you don’t follow the guidelines or you've written a story that's too similar to one I've already accepted (if this happens, you can submit another story if you would like)



Just e-mail if it gets accepted elsewhere so I can congratulate you


(you can send them all in the same e-mail) but I’m only excepting one per author.


Please note that some authors have been invited to contribute, the rest of the anthology will be made up by submitting authors.

Invited authors include:

  • Voices from the Mausoleum

  • Cat Voleur

  • Casey Masterson

  • Luna Rey Hall

  • Aquino Loayza

  • Radar DeBoard

  • Yolanda Sfetsos

  • Sophie Ingley


  • Email submissions to

  • Include your name/pen name, bio* and your story in the body of the e-mail.

  • Don’t worry about any sort of cover letter – a simple “hi, ~insert story~, bye” is fine.

  • Titles to stories are optional - whatever you prefer/think works best with your story.

*if you’ve never written a bio before, don’t worry too much about this, you can leave it blank for now – I can help with this later if you would like 😊


This anthology will be published in Spring of 2024


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