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Queer, Indie Horror Spotlight on Briana Morgan!

When I think about queer, feminine horror I always think of Briana Morgan (she/her). With spectacularly creepy books like A Mouth Full of Ashes and The Reyes Incident, Briana has carved out her place in the indie horror community, and for good reason. Briana is also super kind and caring, putting her heart into her writing.

I hope you guys enjoy learning a little bit about her and her books!

Professional headshot of the lovely Briana in front of a natural background.

Can you give me a brief introduction of yourself?

Briana: "Hi there! I’m Briana Morgan (she/her) and I write spooky, queer horror books. My work includes TIGER CULT (out in September), THE REYES INCIDENT, MOUTH FULL OF ASHES, and more. When not writing, you can find me traveling, playing video games, or watching scary movies."

What made you want to start writing?

Briana: "As a kid, I grew up with a love for telling stories instilled by my grandfather. He would always make up the wildest stories to tell my brother and me. When I got into reading, I realized I could become a writer and tell my own stories. The rest is history."

What authors/books inspire your writing?

Briana: "Oh, so many! For Pride Month, of course, I want to call out my favorite queer horror authors: Eric Raglin, Hailey Piper, Mae Murray, Haley Newlin, Eric LaRocca, and Alison Rumfitt!"

Why is it important to you to write stories featuring queer folks?

Briana: "I didn’t read or watch enough queer horror growing up. At times, I felt so lonely. If I can write something to make someone else like me feel seen, why wouldn’t I want to do that?"

Do you have a current WIP? (work in progress)

Briana: "Yes! It’s called Down to a Sunless Sea, and it’s about the survivor of a cult at the bottom of the sea who returns to the underwater city to solve a string of murders that mirror his late father’s crimes."

Shoutout a queer indie horror author you love!

Briana: "I always have more! I’ve been hyping up Lor Gialson and Max Booth III to everyone I meet lately. Trans and nonbinary horror is so, so important!"

Where to find Briana:

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