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Review: A Blackness Absolute

For once I am reigning in my excitement of a book to bring you a spoiler-free version of my review. (I think that's a little easier for me to do with short story collections.)

I will undo that professionalism immediately by telling you that I'm extremely biased. I love Marceau's work so deeply, and A BLACKNESS ABSOLUTE is no exception.

The titular story was my favorite in the collection. It was eerie and claustrophobic with a vivid setting -- all whilst being perfectly paced.

The other stories all had a little something to offer. Sometimes this was fascinating characters, other times it was a perfect premise, a unique world or self-contained mythology. Always it was delivered to the audience wrapped in some of the most stunning prose, something with Marceau excels in.

If I had one complaint about this collection, it would be that I would have loved to see some of these stories fleshed out more. Of course I would say that, because I prefer novellas to short stories typically, and have been spoiled by THIS IS WHERE WE TALK THINGS OUT. The worlds presented in this collection were just to ripe for exploration that it was hard for me not to feel as though each offering could have been an entire book in its own rite.

A BLACKNESS ABSOLUTE is available now through Amazon and if you're looking for a delightful horror collection, I highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself.

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