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Tali's Horror Road Trip: New Jersey

“The Dead Next Door” by Eric Mosher

State: New Jersey


Who loves a good vampire story?! Me!! I DO! How about coming of age vampire story with nostalgic vibes? New neighbors move into a neighborhood but something about them is really off.

“The Dead Next Door” is the first book in the Friday Night Frights series by Eric Mosher. The story was a real pleasure to read. One of my favorite things the nods top Classic Films that we all adore. The Boogens, The Burning, My Bloody Valentine and Hatchet are some of the movies that make an appearance.

Mosher includes a well curated movie reference guide at the end of the book. It is perfect for seasoned horror movie watchers to review and those new to the movie genre.

Mosher’s love of classic horror is evident in this fun vampire tale. In “The Dead Next Door” we follow a group of friends as they investigate the new neighbors. I LOVED these boys. Mosher gave them personality and a genuine friendship. David Gale and his friends were relatable, funny and engaged in the best banter. The reader gets taste for their thoughts and feelings as unexpected events unfolded.

As the reader follows the boys on their brave adventure with the undead, Mosher moves the story along at a good pace. Make no mistake about it, this is a genuine page turner from beginning to end. There are several horrific situations that the boys bravely experience. No spoilers. Who said you cannot learn anything from horror movies?! Armed with knowledge from movies the boys go on an unforgettable vampire hunting journey. Overall a really fun story of friendship.

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"The Switch House" by Tim Meyer

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