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Tali's Horror Road Trip: Vermont

Image courtesy of Tali 💜
A book is held in front of several bookshelves, with a cover that features white font, a pig face with glowing eyes, and a human hand reaching toward the front
Image courtesy of Tali 💜

“Curse of the Pigman” by Asher Ellis

State: Vermont


Small town horror is one of my favorite tropes. “Curse of the Pigman” is small town horror complete with cannibals, cultists, sarifices and a curse.

Jason Dillion just moved to East Valley, Vermont and realized that things are not what they seem. The story opens with a heavy storm that destroys Jason’s new house. In a panic, he begins to search out neighbors for help. While running through the woods he comes across Sophia, a little girl, bound and gagged, surrounded by strange symbols. Jason can’t just leave her there. He rescues her right before they are chased by black cloaked figures, hell bent to kill them both.

The first 70 pages are unrelenting and fun. The action moves the story at a consistent pace. “Curse of the Pigman” is well layered. No spoilers from me. The little girl’s rescue causes a series of events to unfold. The story takes a life of its own as it twists and turns into one action packed gory read.

I loved all the characters in this book. Jason goes above and beyond to help Sophia. Along the way, he meets other characters that are willing to help. The reader gets a taste of the terror as chaos ensues and cannibals start to run amok.

“Curse of the Pigman” is a fun Autumn read.

Books set in Vermont:

“The Children on the Hill”, by Jennifer Mcmahon

“The Winter People”, by Jennifer Mcmahon

“Small Spaces”, by Katherine Arden

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