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THE BLACK TESTAMENT to the State of New Hampshire

"The Black Testament"

By: Michael Penning

State: New Hampshire


Michael Penning is a new author for me. "All Hollows Eve" been on my radar for a long time. I jumped at the opportunity to read "The Black Testament" which is the fourth in a series of stand alone books. After finishing this book and being captivated in a delicous setting, I need to back track and read the first three.

"The Black Testament", by Michael Penning, is an atmospheric read full of ominous darkness that pulls in th reader from the first page. This fast paced story is ruch with detail describng everything from clothing to cemetaries.

In "The Black Testament", we follow Anna Jacobs. After the the loss of her mother, she recieves a cryptic message that leads her to an abandoned village where she meets a secretive family. The readr follows Anna as she tries to end a curse after uncovering ancient secrets mystery involving the Black Testament.

This book will end the curse and save her mother's soul. Penning wove a story that invokes witch vibes and ghost hunting that captures the readers' attention. Several nods were made to the Salem Witch Trials. (Swoon). My favorite period to read. These pages are full of horror and still retain the historical vibes.

Other horror books set in New Hampshire :

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"Intercepts: A horror novel" by T.J. Payne

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