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The Dead Spot: Stories of Lost Girls - Angela Sylvaine

Updated: May 18

a book with a skull laying in a bunch of flowers, all cream and black in color, with descriptions of some of the stories scattered around the book

Image courtesy of Angela💜

THE DEAD SPOT: STORIES OF LOST GIRLS from Angela Sylvaine is a wonderfully diverse collection of stories, all featuring girls struggling to find their places in the world, living their purpose, being tempted straight to their deaths, and more. Monsters real and supernatural test their mettle, and these girls and women meet all manner of ends from story to story. Young girls survive situations most adults couldn't, pushing to carry on.

STORIES OF LOST GIRLS means a lot of different things to me after reading what's contained in this book. Some of these girls lost hope. Some lost their lives for chasing adrenaline and dreams of a better life. Others lost their innocence when their clean hands were splattered with blood. These stories contain losses of every kind and inspire so many different emotions!

My favorite story is one of revenge and taking out the metaphorical trash. I would love to see an extended version of "Antifreeze and Sweet Peas", expanding on Delilah's ability to see someone's true character and the justice she doles out. While that ability initially seems like a gift, there's no denying that it's a double-edged sword and she isn't infallible.

If you want nice, neatly-wrapped, cheerful endings, you'd best steer clear of the tales Angela has cooked up. They're just like life: full of struggle, perseverance, loss, vengeance, and strength. Your emotions will emerge beaten and bruised, but better for having experienced the battle!

Release date: May 21, 2024

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