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Throwback Thursday: Legion (2010)

A tattooed man with black wings is holding a gun, and the light is hitting him from above

Legion (2010) is a movie I just recently rewatched, and with the amount of horror I've consumed since the first time I watched it, this cast made a much greater impression on me the second time around. I absolutely LOVE Paul Bettany, Kevin Durand, Lucas Black, and Tyrese Gibson, but even Doug Jones makes an appearance!

Charlie (Adrianne Palicki, who some of you will recognize as Jess from Supernatural) is a young woman due to deliver a baby soon, that she intends to put up for adoption. Jeep, played by Lucas Black, is a sweet, sheltered, good ole boy with the hots for Charlie, trying to convince her they can raise the baby together. As much as I love Jeep and his good intentions, it was a little painful sometimes to see just how hard they leaned into that stereotype: to the point they make him look horrendously ignorant sometimes.

Charlie works at the diner owned by Jeep's father (Dennis Quaid), and when terrifying paranormal things begin to happen, they all have to hunker down in the diner with the unfortunate travelers stranded with them. They battle deranged people, bugs, disease, and all kinds of other troubles with the help of a stranger who turns out to be the archangel Michael. Michael is there to protect Charlie's unborn baby, against the wishes of "the powers that be", earning him the wrath of a fellow archangel. Before long, Earth is the battlefield for the war between Heaven and Hell, and everything is hanging in the balance!

I really enjoyed the effects, how well all the characters were portrayed, and the depiction of what would happen if the apocalypse was upon us. It's a fun, action-packed watch!


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