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Throwback Thursday: Hostel (2006)

A seated man in a mask is holding a chainsaw

This week back in 2006, Hostel was released in the US. Written and directed by Eli Roth, it was another film (along with Saw in 2004) that really made torture and body horror films popular! In fact, this was the first of the Hostel films that eventually became a trilogy.

Who would have thought that a film about tourists being kidnapped and tortured by people who pay to watch would be so good! These type of films are certainly an acquired taste and will not be for everyone, but I'm a fan.

With a good cast including Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson and Rick Hoffman, we were also introduced to some lesser known actors from other countries including Iceland and Slovakia.

This has a great storyline that may seem a little far fetched, but isn't far from reality. Although this film is more shocking than scary, the thought of this actually happening is very scary! Enjoying your time in a foreign country, travelling and making new friends, trusting the wrong people: it could easily happen. There are no monsters or ghosts in this, they're all humans, which make it all the more real.

I'm not going to spoil any of this film, but I do recommend it for one to watch if you have not yet seen it. If you can handle the blood and gore (because the camera doesn't shy away), then give it a go!

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