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Throwback Thursday: The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Throwback Thursday

This week back in....1999 saw the release of The Blair Witch Project. Let me just say, the marketing team for this movie were geniuses! So much effort went into making this seem like it was real footage that had been discovered. They even went as far as creating missing posters for the unknown stars of the film, and putting them into hiding when the film came out so that they weren't seen.

Back in 1999 I was 13, and my Aunt took me and my cousin to see this at the cinema. I remember being so excited to watch this, especially with all the hype surrounding it and not knowing whether it really happened or not!

Honestly, it had been a fair few years since I had sat down and watched this. I think the story is great, and I love the documentary side of things where local people are interviewed and we get to learn more of the stories about the legend of the blair witch. I love all the scenes in the woods and how over the days of filming you really start to see and feel the anger and fear from the trio as they get lost deeper in the woods.

I guess I can see why those that may watch it for the first time in more recent years have not enjoyed it. With the advancement in camera technology now, and the many other found footage films out there, this does look a little dated. The camera is very shaky in parts, which can be hard to watch. There was certainly a lot more blank on screen darkness than I remember. However, if you switch off the lights, turn up the volume and allow yourself to be completely emersed into the story, then it is still so great and fear inducing!

Being able to watch this back when it first came out was definitely an experience that I will never forget! It was so scary to me back then, and will always remain a firm favourite.

4/5 for the memories and because it certainly put found footage horror back on the map!

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