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Throwback Thursday: The Crazies (2010 Remake)

Updated: Mar 7

This week back in 2010 came a remake of a 1973 film, The Crazies. Although I have seen this one several times over the years, I have never watched actually watched the original, so not sure if it differs much.

We open with a brief shot of what's to come, then go back to 2 days earlier.

I love this opening scene; it's one that has always stuck with me for some reason. I'm not sure why, as it's not overly exciting, but always been memorable with that guy coming onto the baseball pitch.

We are introduced to our main cast pretty much straight away: Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell and Danielle Panabaker probably being the most recognisable. All of the acting throughout is top notch.

The basic premise is that people in this small US town start acting a little ... peculiar, and with that we start getting some terrible deaths/kills. The small town setting and small cast really give it an almost claustrophobic feel, and you can tell how everyone is effected by each death as it's a place where everyone knows everyone.

There's some great eerie and tense scenes throughout, especially once they are on the run from not only the Crazies, but the army too! The actors playing The Crazies all do a great job, and the make up and effects are good too.

If you love films involving deadly viruses and zombie-like folk, then this is definitely one I recommend watching!

Watch the YouTube episode with Voices from the Mausoleum and You Run Podcast discussing this remake!


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