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Throwback Thursday: The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

Image from IMDB

This week back in 2009, we were brought The Haunting in Conneticut, starring our horror queen Virginia Madsen (Candyman, Zombie High, Number 23), and also Kyle Gallner (Smile, Jennifer's Body). In fact, there were a few recognisable faces.

When I popped this on, I felt like I had seen it before, but I didn't remember anything about it. As scenes were happening, they certainly seemed familiar.

In this film, we follow Matt and his family. Sadly, Matt has cancer, so they move to a house in Conneticut where they can be closer to the hospital. Matt starts to see strange things, but is it really happening, or is it the side effects from the drug trial?

I really liked the premise of this. Were there really ghosts, or was it all in his head? There were some good little jump scares and some great scenes where the camera does not pull away. Like the eyelid scene! Eek! The ghostly figures were creepy, but after you'd seen them a couple of times, they felt less so.

It was surprisingly quite an emotional film, dealing with illness, money troubles and addiction. By the end it felt less scary horror, and more a supernatural drama. That doesn't mean I didn't still enjoy it, but the first half was definitely better than the second.

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