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Throwback Thursday: Underwater (2020)

A single person in a bulky dive suit standing on the ocean floor in the dark, in front of the tooth-filled mouth of an enormous creature

I'm afraid you're stuck with me for the next two weeks instead of Bec, but have no fear, she'll be back!

When I was looking up movies that had released this week in previous years, I tried to go back a couple of decades, but couldn't resist the opportunity to review this one. It was actually recommended to me by William Sterling about a year and a half ago when we recorded our first episode of The Ghoulish Gallery, and I'm so glad I looked it up!

A group of researchers and workers for a deep sea drilling company find themselves stranded at the bottom of the ocean. Their facility is damaged during an apparent earthquake and they make the decision to walk across the ocean floor to another nearby drilling station with the hopes of escaping to the surface. Horrifying, mysterious creatures are soon pursuing them, and combined with the claustrophobic atmosphere, you have to wonder if they can maintain their sanity while trying to survive.

The cast and setting were great here. Kristen Stewart knocked it out of the park with her performance in this movie, and Mamoudou Athie (Archive 81 - which I still haven't forgiven Netflix for canceling) is one of my favorite actors, so I was thrilled to see him again. They do an exceptional job of portraying the terror of being trapped at the bottom of the ocean with so many unknown factors involved. The claustrophobic feeling was very real!

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