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Tubi Tuesday - Frozen (2010)

The movie poster for Frozen features a skier hanging precariously from a ski lift

Alright, horror fans, welcome back to Tubi Tuesday! Today, we're diving into the chilling realm of winter horror with a film that's been on my watch list for months – Frozen, a 2010 survival psychological thriller. Starring Shawn Ashmore as Joe Lynch (known for X-Men, The Boys, The Rookie), Kevin Zegers as Dan Walker (from Gossip Girl, The Rookie, Mortal Instruments), and Emma Bell as Parker O’Neal (featured in Final Destination 5, The Walking Dead), this 93-minute rollercoaster centers around three friends trapped on a ski lift after the mountain shuts down for the night.

The story unfolds with Dan and Joe, longtime buddies, and Dan's new girlfriend, Parker, spending the day at a mountain resort for skiing and snowboarding. Joe, initially hoping for a day with just Dan, is a bit disappointed as he feels distanced from his friend since Parker entered the scene. The trio skips paying for lift tickets, opting instead to bribe the lift operator for a cheaper ride up the mountain. After some skiing and snowboarding, they take a break in the lodge.

Deciding to take one last run before the lift closes, they persuade the operator to let them go despite approaching bad weather. And here's where things take a turn for the worse (no pun intended). Due to a combination of miscommunication and ill-fated luck, the lift is shut down with our trio still aboard. As panic sets in and Parker begins to suffer from frostbite, Dan attempts a daring jump to reach help. Unfortunately, his jump leaves him with both legs broken and immobile.

From this point on, the film spirals into an intense ride! Without giving away any spoilers, I found myself audibly gasping and feeling my skin crawl as the friends navigate the challenges of this snowy, desolate mountain landscape. Will they make it out alive, or will nature take out this this trio? It's a gripping watch, so grab some hot cocoa and queue it up on a cold day. Just be warned – it might make you reconsider any upcoming skiing or snowboarding plans.

8 out of 10 Screams

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