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Tubi Tuesday - Guess Who 2024 (Spoiler Free)

Happy Tuesday Horror Fans. This week we have a new Tubi movie called Guess Who. This revolves around the character of Kaitlyn (played by Keeya King) who is visiting her fiance Michael’s (played by Corteon Moore) home for the first time as well as meeting his family. This meeting takes place in Michael's home within a trailer park community. This contributes to Kaitlyn feeling like an outsider when she arrives due to the community and everyone knowing everyone.

As if meeting your future in-laws isn't challenging enough, the visit coincides with an annual community event called "Mummer Night." This quirky tradition involves dressing in costume, posing riddles to others, and unveiling your identity only after someone correctly solves your riddle. While initially seeming innocent and fun, this event becomes the perfect backdrop for a psychotic killer to blend in unnoticed.

Overall the kills in this were interesting and trying to figure out the killer's motive made for an engaging watch. The plot keeps you engaged, particularly as you try to decipher why and who is targeting Kaitlyn. I also loved trying to guess the answers to the riddles in the film. This contributes to the feeling of audience engagement and overall the film's great pacing. I recommend checking out Guess Who. It's a solid slasher that will leave you guessing until the end.

8 out of 10 Screams

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