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What I'm getting into, with friends all over the place!

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Horror Fiend TV/Three Corners of Horror Live

Thursday, July 14th, 2022

On Thursday, July 14th at 8 p.m., Angel and I will be guests on a livestream with our good friends at Horror Fiend TV! We're absolutely thrilled to join in their celebration, doubling as a chance to go crazy for Shark Week. Go check out their awesome videos, covering all sorts of different bases, then come hang out and tell us what your favorite shark movie is! Can't wait to chat with Ricky, JR, and Joe!


Submission Call For Charity Anthology

June 28th, 2022

It's no secret how disturbed most of us are by the most recent developments in women's rights and health. It's the kind of horror we wish was just fiction... yet here we are. Angel and I wanted to find a way to both contribute to a good cause and give people another way to have their voices heard, so we have decided to open calls for an anthology. *All* proceeds will be donated to the center for reproductive rights.

We're looking for anyone who identifies as a woman, willing to donate a story for the sake of a good cause. We want stories that will shake the outdated foundations that have allowed for the chipping away of women's rights. Give us stories that make us visualize what your worst nightmares are right now. Give us stories about smashing the patriarchy that is working so hard to hold so many people back. Give us stories that leave no doubts we will not lay down like sheep and be content with what we're given.

Submissions must be 4000 words or less, and received by midnight on July 31st EST. We're selecting 19 stories to represent what a step the 19th Amendment was in women's rights, and as a reminder that we will NOT stop achieving greater things. (While we want the stories to fall under the umbrella of this theme, naturally we ask that specific names of those who had a hand in recent events not be used.)

Email submissions in a Word or PDF document to:
For the subject of the email, provide us with: Writer's First & Last Name - Name of Story - Word Count


June 22, 2022

I talked with two of the great guys over at Horror Fiend TV about the movie Terrified, and we had a blast! The movie definitely didn't disappoint, and some quality horror chat time is always good for the soul. Go watch, and hit the subscribe button for Ricky, JR, and Joe to stay up to date with their badass content!

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