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28 Days Sassier - Damien Casey

This story came at the best time it possibly could have for me. In the midst of some very difficult things in my personal life, I needed something fun to read while at the gym, and if anyone can deliver on fun, it's our beloved Damien Casey.

What happens when scientists muck about, when they shouldn't? While we've seen dozens of movies and read tons of books about the possibilities, Damien has come up with one that I'm willing to bet no one else has ever considered. Concrete-chomping goblins with the coolest blood ever, a determined and mysterious sasquatch possessing incredible talents, a team of MAGA stooges that would ordinarily make you mad (but you can't help and laugh at what is essentially a reimagining of The Three Stooges), and our poor main character is caught in the midst of it all.

I'm sure most of us have imagined what we would do in a post-apocalyptic situation: sometimes turning into badasses who instantly have the best of survival skills, sometimes floundering and not getting by for long. There's little doubt in my mind that most of us would fall somewhere in the same category as our "average Joe" hero. We'd find a safe space, sort out the local food source, and lay low to avoid the psychotic goblins, day after day... after day, after day, after day. This is exactly what he does, in addition to documenting his activities in the diary that we're fortunate enough to read.

If you need a light-hearted, gross, "what if" story unlike anything you've ever read, you need to get your hands on this bad boy when it comes out April 29th!

Damien's Awesomeness:

Twitter: dcuglybooks

Instagram: damienthulhu

Twitter: @3BPublishing

Instagram: 3bpublishing

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